The Web is For Everyone

Charlotte is an extension that will help you navigate the web with ease.

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Tech For Good Festival 2021

Why Charlotte

Improve Your Browsing Experience

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    Charlotte for PwD.

    Charlotte is a web browser plugin that will allow persons with disabilities to navigate websites with ease.

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    Add the plug-in to your favorite browser.

    Once installed, you can use it just like any other extension or app on your computer.

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    Browse away!

    Choose from a wide array of features, such as screen reading, image captioning, high contrast, cursor changes and more!


How we change the game

Charlotte is Free!

Other accessibility solutions, like screen readers, can be costly.


Select from a variety of voices, adjust pitch and reading speed. Read text by hovering, highlighting, or navigate using keyboard shortcuts.

Fonts that Work For You

Choose your desired font from a host of options, including reader-friendly sans-serif options and OpenDyslexic.

AI-enabled Image Captioning

Powered by a state-of-the-art computer vision algorithm, easily discover what is in your images.

Improve Visibility

Turn on high contrast mode, increase font size by up to 200%, and increase cursor size for a smoother browsing experience.

Focus on What's Important

Focus Ruler allows you to focus on the text you're reading, and blocks out distractions.

About Us

We are Team For a Git Cause. We originally developed Charlotte for the Tech 4 Good Festival by Engineering Good, Singapore. We believe the web is for everyone, and continue to maintain Charlotte in that spirit.

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